I have always sent my track to Blend for mastering. After purchasing their "Mastering Deep & Future House" course I have been able to master all my own music. It feels great to be able to create a song entirely by yourself, I always used to be able to compose and mix my music, but now I can master it as well!



We are a high volume label so mastering was costing us alot of money. I got the videos so I could try and do it all myself, now with nothing but free plugins and Ozone 7 our labels sounds better than it ever has before.



I have used the "Private Lessons" 3 times now and they are incredible! For just $35 I get my track fully mastered by Blend as well as a step by step guide on how they are doing it and why. With the information I have learned while getting my tracks professionally mastered I am going to start doing it myself from now on.