It seems like every day there is a new automatic mastering service popping up, which I wouldn't mind... if they weren't all so dull and lifeless. Perhaps one day in the future we will concede and change our position when the technology and development improves but at this stage they spend more on their advertising budget than they do creating a viable service. Do you want everyone song released from 2016 into the future to sound exactly the same? Dull and missing what makes music special; feeling and emotion?

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I have tested LANDR, Mastering Box and the newest of the bunch, eMastered and I wanted to share with you the most recent results of our eMastered test.

I was hoping, as a brand new service that eMastered might have raised the bar for online automatic mastering services but I was really disappointed, lets see what you think!

Here is the original mixdown:

eMastered version:

A version mastered at Blend Mastering

I want to keep my thoughts on the comparisons relatively brief so you guys can make up your own minds, what do you think? To me it is quite obvious that eMastered didn't use any EQ at all which meant that the track has way too much low end around 60hz and it clouds the entire song. You would get a very similar result with putting 1 limiter on the master channel and bringing it down which I just think is not good enough.

Next I wanted to look at the songs.






Blend Mastering

The surprising thing about these results is the fact that the eMastered version is not only quieter but it is also more squashed. This is because of the amount of sub bass present, lacking an appropriate EQ. 

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Overall I think this was a really interesting experiment and to me it was quite disappointing. As the newest online mastering service I was hoping that it would be an improvement but I thought if anything, it was a step backwards.

Thanks for reading guys if you have any questions or comments just let us know we are always up for a chat!