Free Mastering Software List

Here at MasteringEDM we teach our students how to master their track with nothing but free plugins! We created a list of the best freeware effects and tools suitable for use in audio mastering. Use the links to visit the homepage of each product and learn how to take your music to the next level.. for free!

Equalizer (M/S)

Equalizer (Linear-Phase)

Equalizer (Dynamic)

  • DuckEQ by HeelAudio (Mac)
  • IQ4gui by Platinumears (Windows)
  • TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Labs (Mac, Windows)

Equalizer (Coloring)

Compressor (Clean)

Compressor (Coloring)

Multi Band Compressor





Transient Shaper


  • bx_solo by Brainworx (Mac, Windows)
  • MSED by Voxengo (Mac, Windows)

Spectrum Analyzer

  • SPAN by Voxengo (Mac, Windows)
  • Toscanalyzer by Dynamusic (Linux, Mac, Windows)


Mastering Suite

I hope you guys make the most of these tools. If you want to learn HOW to use them, each of our courses demonstrates how to master a track from start to finish with nothing but plugins in this free list.  Have a great day!